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Jim Corrigan / The Spectre

From Solo #2, Rich Corben art

Mike Allred

2007 double-page spread of the DC Comics heroes

Pages from Justice League 3000 #8, Sept 2014

Howard Porter art

WEDNESDAY JULY 23 is the Free Issue day for the Anniversary of Batman. Comic book stores will be distributing the free issue to Bat-fans on that day.

DC Comics has put together an issue to feature Batman art & stories both original and current.

The cover of the Free Anniversary issue is a combination of he Bob Kane 1939 issue of Detective Comics 27, and the Greg Capullo cover of Batman #zero from 2012.

Random Ryan Sook DC Comics artwork

Amanda Conner Harley Quinn covers #1 - #7

Random Frank Cho artwork





Red Sonja

Random Batgirl art by

Jim Aparo

Jim Lee

Nick Cardy

Ed Benes

Sheldon Moldoff

Adam Hughes

Ginger Ice and The Spirit

From Spirit #1

Darwyn Cooke art

2010 Sunday Funnies comic strip stamps USPS

Calvin and Hobbes

Dennis the Menace

Archie, Veronica, Betty


Beetle Bailey